Rokada Security Services LLC is providing the security solutions for the international and national transportation system as a whole, and for the fragments of it.

Transport systems are one of the most attractive targets for terrorists, who are seeking every chance to inflict mass casualties, cause economic damage, instil fear and create spectacular media imagery. Due to the waste infrastructure and their openness transport systems are inherently vulnerable and easy-to-reach for terrorist attacks.

Transport systems are gathering large numbers of people at predictable times in certain places, which consequently makes them very attractive target for the terrorists and criminals of all sorts.

Transport security services, which are offered by our company, are specifically developed and provided for surface transport, aviation, air cargo supply chain, maritime (including offshore oil and gas) and mass passenger transport systems such as road, railroads and ferries.

Our core competencies of Transport Security activity are as follows:
- Transport Security intelligence;
- Transport Security policy, planning and regulation;
- Transport operations;
- Transport Security measures ensuring a nationally consistent approach;
- General audit and compliance with international standards.

Our company has an extensive experience providing the security solutions models and concepts, and security services for the protections of the sea and river ports and same of the airports, including the dangerous environment, such as the hotspots countries.

Please, contact us with your inquiries, and we shall do our best to provide you with the most effective security solution.