Rokada Security Services LLC was initially found as a global company. Being one of the members of Rokada Association of Security Companies Rokada Security Services LLC is capable of operating in challenging and complex security environments worldwide. The formation of the company was a respond to the needs of the current world for an innovative approach in providing security services, and demand for the development of new mitigation strategies and low profile high-end risk management.

Rokada Security Services LLC or Rokada LLC is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Through our regional offices in Russia, China, Nigeria, Greece, Iraq, Mauritius, Tanzania, Seychelles, etc., we operate internationally.

In regard of Maritime Security services Rokada LLC has it's EU Agent operating from Germany, through it's local office, which is based in Hamburg.

Providing Maritime Security services for Chinese clients, Rokada LLC is represented at the market by the biggest private Chinese security company Shandong Huawei Security Group Co., Ltd., which is acting as Agent and Strategic Partner-company of Rokada LLC.

Rokada Security Services LLC, or Rokada LLC, is fully certified and licensed Private Security company, our Legal License issued by the relevant State Authorities underlines in particular our official right for "Extensive security services without limitations, securing life or property of third parties".

We offer wide range of security services and security solutions worldwide, we provide risk mitigation and risk management services to major corporations, financial institutions, law firms, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies assuring our clients' success in the most challenging regions of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Since 2009 our company is specializing in providing Maritime Security services for the merchant vessels in High Risk Area in Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea, first of all in Nigerian waters.

Rokada Security Services LLC operates within the following legislative environment:

  • UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Article 105);
  • UN Security Council Resolution No. 1816;
  • UN Security Council Resolution No. 1838;
  • UN Charter (Article 51);
  • Code of Conduct for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement;

While operating in the areas of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean, Rokada Security Services LLC acts in co-operation and steady contact with the local state authorities and law-enforcement agencies of the Middle East, African and Asian countries, and operates in accordance with requirements of local and international legislations.

We are also acting in daily contact and co-operation with the following international organizations:

  • European Union Naval Force
  • MSCHOA - Maritime Security Centre - Horn of Africa
  • ICC Commercial Crime Services IMB Piracy Reporting Centre
  • NATO Shipping Centre

We are looking forward for your inquiries, please, see the next pages of our Web Site for more information about us and about our services. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more additional information.