Today the governments are facing the wide range of security challenges, this tendency applies to all aspects of the state's activity - from dealing with the threat of international terrorism to safeguarding the government assets. Rokada Security Services LLC is providing security for the delivery of government services worldwide.

Our company has global, rich experience of working with governments providing security for the government buildings and key assets around the world. We are supporting the justice and security strategies of nations and ensure that government personnel are well prepared to operate in some of the world's conflict hotspots.

We are ready to offer our clients the security services providing the following:

  • Protection of the embassies and diplomatic missions
  • Bodyguards services
  • Providing security for the state visitors, delegations and missions in the hotspots
  • Security for the convoys
  • Security advisory and training for the local forces

Please, do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries, we shall do our best to provide you with the most effective security solution.