Rokada LLC is providing security for the critical supply infrastructures and energy assets. We safeguard the energy supplies and key utilities, we have extensive experience of protecting supply networks and assets for industries including oil and gas, power production, water, chemical supplies and telecommunications.

We provide effective, comprehensive security solutions for the assets of our clients throughout their lifecycle, starting from the first stage of exploration and production to facilities and up to the transportation through to final divesture.

We run the case study each particular inquiry, and we offer our clients ready security solution, which are not only serving and the physical protection of the assets, but are also reducing the operating costs.

We have the rich experience in protecting of the production facilities, such as plants, power electric stations, mines, etc, we are also providing security solutions for the protection of the gas, oil and water pipelines.

Please, contact us with your inquiries, and we shall do our best to provide you with the most effective security solution.