Rokada Security Services LLC was initially found as a global company. Being one of the members of Rokada Association of Security Companies, Rokada Security Services LLC is capable of operating in challenging and complex security environments worldwide. The formation of the company was a respond to the needs of the current world for an innovative approach in providing security services, and demand for the development of new mitigation strategies and low profile high-end risk management. Through our headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, and in Sri Lanka and through our numerous regional offices we operate internationally.

We offer wide range of security services and security solutions worldwide, we provide risk mitigation and risk management services to major corporations, financial institutions, law firms, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies, assuring our clients' success in the most challenging regions of the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Africa.

The slogan of our company 'Effective, Low Profile and High-End Security Forged Through Knowledge and Experience' resonates with our Security Philosophy, which was generated by the collective experiences and professional knowledge of company's Management and Operators, both employed and contracted. Our main aim is to create the safest possible risk commensurate work environment, through judicious planning and organizational commitment.

We believe that by blending in with and respecting the culture of Client and local communities in places of our activity, is a key component of successful missions. To be effective, security should be a responsibility shared with the Client and as such, is regarded as a partner in such matters where all personnel must promote and abide by security principles, as a pre-condition for the performance of the respective duties.

Our company's track record in understanding the local culture, and working effectively through the surrounding communities has brought real and practical long term benefits to our Clients. The individual backgrounds and perspectives have through the years provided us with the range of expertise, required to tackle the Clients' most complex problems.

Rokada LLC avoids confrontation where feasible

A non-confrontational attitude in challenging situations is the hallmark of Rokada LLC, unless circumstances escalate into a Rules of Engagement situation. Apart from the Client's safety, Rokada LLC considers it's own corporate reputation to be of great importance.

We ensure that our approach is effective, professional and same time low-profile, and we always aim to work by, with and through the local communities in all regions, where our customers operate. At Rokada Security Services LLC dedication to quality, service and value drives our success. Our total program management approach provides clients with Turn-Key solutions to meet the most challenging goals - even in hostile or remote locations. Rokada's high-tech network of resources and experts, combined with our history of success in emerging markets, provides our clients with robust set of capabilities.

We are looking forward for your inquiries, please, see the next pages of our Web Site for more information about us and about our services. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more additional information.