Rokada LLC in Russia


Rokada Security Services LLC is providing wide range of security services on the territory of Russian Federation through it's affiliated partner company - 'Steel-MCVA' Security Company Ltd.

Steel-MCVA Security Company Ltd. was established in 1995, and it is 100% privately owned Security company, fully licensed and certified by the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation in accordance with legal regulations.

Steel-MCVA Security Company Ltd. is operated by its perfectly trained and experienced Management, former servicemen of Soviet and Russian Army, Law Enforcement agencies and Secret Services.

Our core competence of security activity in Russia are as follows:

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Besides the frames of protective security services, our Russian partner-company is offering wide range of informational and consulting services, providing company's clients with vitally important informational support, intelligence data and analytical materials, which are necessary for Risk Management and for further development of Mitigation Strategies, especially while dealing in Russia, Ukraine or other CIS states.

Whether your company functions in a multi-story environment or operates manufacturing/industrial facilities in locations scattered around the CIS countries, we offer reliable security risk assessment and risk management solutions to help ensure the safety of your company's employees and its assets.

Due Diligence

Providing Due Diligence services, we are delivering actual and latest updated information and detailed analyses for its clients. Our company's vast network in CIS states allows us to provide our clients with additional investigative capabilities. Due diligence of foreign entities may require a further understanding of local laws, languages or customs especially when records are not readily available electronically. Our team has the expertise to assist you on a global basis.

We are not compiling public data, we provide our clients with analysis of that information, which can serve as an accurate, timely, and actionable risk management tool. We provide industry-wide due diligence services and solutions, which are maximum adjusted to client-specific requirements.

Our corporate Due Diligence services can assist corporate compliance and general counsel efforts by providing timely business decision information for mergers and acquisitions throughout Russia and other the CIS states.

Investigative and Intelligence Services

Our Russian partner-company offers wide range of investigation services all-round Russia and other CIS states. Acting as a private investigation agency, Steel-MCVA Security company is providing reliable and accurate information and solutions to fit our client's needs in each particular country of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Our experienced Russian colleagues - private investigators deliver a wide range of services. Whether you're concerned with local corruption, extortion, internal employee issues such as theft, or external worries such as fraud, electronic bugging, or due diligence matters, we shall offer the expertise to provide you with most actual information and to recover your assets quickly.

Executive Protection, Bodyguards Services

We are providing the physical protection for private and commercial clients. We can provide you with fully qualified and experienced bodyguards fully adjusted to your situation and profile. We apply few different methods in providing of the Executive Protection services, depending upon the specifics of every particular case:

  • Complex Security System
  • Standard Form of the Security Complex System
  • Hidden Form of the Security Complex System
  • Combined forms of the Security Complex Systems

Please, pay attention to the fact that first of all we are looking into every client's case doing our best to define the best possible solution, and further on we are developing the Complex of Security Measures for every particular client's case.

Immediate Reaction Unit

Immediate Reaction Unit (IRU) is one of the most sophisticated units of our Security Company. The personnel of IRU consist only from the highly skilled and specifically trained servicemen who have the great experience, including combat, to act in the extraordinary situations in hostle environment. The IRU is fulfilling the following tasks:

  • Immediate reaction in order to resolve the unexpectedly appeared extraordinary situation with one of our clients, such as armed assault or robbery, hostage situation, unexpected object penetration, etc.
  • Strengthening of the Security Guards shift at the stationary objects
  • Resolving the conflict situation in concerned of the commercial entities and its employees
  • Securing and support of the groups providing personal security services
  • Qualification control of the security services and guards units

Static security services - office premises, production facilities, shopping and trade centers, etc.

We are providing the following security services for the stationary objects:

  • Security guards and services for the private and commercial property - apartments and residential houses, office premises, parking lots buildings, trade and wear-house facilities
  • Entry and access control using specialized security technical equipment
  • Providing security for the employees of the stationary objects
  • Providing safety storage and security for the valuable goods or materials
  • Providing security during the public events - presentations, exhibitions, concerts, celebrations.

To obtain more information about our services in Russia, we advise you to visit the Web Site of Steel-MCVA Security Company, please follow this link.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and details about our services.