Rokada LLC provides fully trained and experienced Security Teams for the vessels transiting the areas of high risk. In accordance with the requirements of our clients and after thorough risk estimation we are offering armed Security Teams and wide range of additional measures and services for the protection of the merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and also in the other risky areas of the Indian Ocean.

We are providing an armed Security Teams of at least three or more servicemen, all of whom are combat experienced ex-military personnel. Team leaders are always English and German speaking. Each of our teams has the extensive experience in handling problems related to the pirates' attacks.

Our personnel is specifically trained for such operational activity, each Security Team is selected from the servicemen who have the certain combat experience and good knowledge and understanding of Maritime Combat and Security operations. Our servicemen are armed with half-automatic long range accurate rifles, sniper rifles and pistols. Using abovementioned fire-arms we can provide warning shots and barrage fire with high accuracy, preventing pirates approaching or boarding the merchant vessel.

Due to the demand of the clients and in accordance with the local conditions our company's armed Security Teams are embarking and disembarking at port limits and off-port limits.

The Security Teams of our company are strictly following the Rules of Engagement as devised and directed by the international laws.

We always follow the demands of our clients, and we do our best to find the most comfortable location to assure the transfer of our security personnel to the vessel with minimum deviation from vessel's route.

Vessel and Crew Support Services

Providing security for the commercial ships we do recognize the Master's responsibility while passing through the unsafe maritime areas, which are well-known since certain time as the areas of the pirate's activity. In this sense we believe one of our main tasks is also making ship master and crew members feel more confident, safe and secure while transiting the risky areas.

We provide the pre-transit consulting and advising of the Master and vessel crew. The personnel of our Security Teams on-board the vessel is operating in steady contact with the ship Master and with the crew members. Our Team Leader will conduct a security survey of the ship, and all the factors will be thoroughly estimated in order to define the weak points of the vessel security.

Our Team Leader will work out and advise the best security solution for providing the defense measures for the vessel in each particular case. We shall assist the Master to work out the optimal easy-to-apply plan of actions for the crew members if finding the ship under the pirates' attack. Our security personnel on-board will study the ship, and we'll identify the safety rooms or safety areas and make them secure.

We always provide on-board consulting for the Master and the ship crew in order to enable the crew to act in harmony with the security team members, and we perform few training drills with the crew of the vessel. This helps us and the ship crew to define the responsibilities and to work out the procedures on-board.

Due to our contact with the local authorities in different countries of the High Risk Area, we obtain constantly the actual intelligence information on the pirate activity from different organizations, which are monitoring the situation in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. Our Security Teams are receiving the intelligence real-time information updates on daily bases.

Providing Maritime Security services for the merchant vessels in the High Risk Area we operate in co-operation with the following international institutions and organization:

Due to our contacts we are receiving the information updates on the operative situation in the High Risk Area 24 hours a day. This information is immediately supplied to our Security Teams being on-board of the vessels in High Risk Areas and also to the Masters. Being provided with such operative information allows us to react at newly appeared threats well in advance, and to make correct decisions as for the security procedures.

Other Maritime Security Services

  • Shore Based Training, Crew Training
  • Crew Competence in security issues
  • Vessel Security Survey
  • Additional Ship Security Countermeasures, Non-lethal ship security solutions
  • Legal issues and Insurance

Other Security Services

We also provide the wide range of the security services on the territory of the Russian Federation in co-operation with our Russian partner Security company "Steel-MCVA" Ltd, please follow this link.