Rokada Security Services LLC provides professional and cost-effective Maritime Security services and advisory for the shipping companies, which are operating in the Gulf of Guinea, and first of all in Nigerian waters.

In Nigeria, Cote DIvoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Cameroon, Rokada LLC can deploy local armed security teams onboard merchant vessels. The security team is sourced from the host countrys NAVY and Rokada LLC can arrange their embarkation within 24 to 36 hours notification from the vessel owner or management company. This service is only available (for embarkation and disembarkation of the team) within the territorial waters of the host nation and is therefore of most benefit to vessels that are required to operate in the same sovereign waters or a particular high risk port for an extended period.


Rokada Security Services LLC approved and fully licensed partner-company in Nigeria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Nigerian Navy and holds all necessary approvals, permits and licenses from the Nigerian Maritime Safety Agency (NIMASA). All licenses and certifications of our local Nigerian partner-company to carry out these services can be presented to you for the Due Diligence upon request.

We are operating legally in all Nigerian ports, Nigerian territorial waters, within EEZ and in Gulf of Guinea High-Risk Area in general.

We have our own fleet of Ballistic and Non-Ballistic vessels, which are available for security escorts at very short notice. Consequently, we offer our clients high quality services at very attractive prices, which are significantly lower than the prices of our competitors. We are capable to mobilize and deploy either Security Escort Vessels or On-Board Security Team at short notice of max 96 hours, which is another big advantage of our company.

Since 2015 we had successfully conducted over 1,350 transits in Nigerian waters without any threats or losses for our clients and we remain dedicated to this record. We are providing security services for first-class shipping companies, please, feel free to contact us for references.

On-Board Security Teams

We are offering our clients On-Board Security Teams to be embarked to our clients vessels as one of effective maritime security solutions.

On-Board Security Teams can be engaged providing security for the vessels transiting Nigerian territorial waters only, for instance on transits from port to port, during port calls or during waiting at anchorage positions. Deployment of On-Board Security Teams besides the borders of Nigerian territorial waters is restricted by local legislation.

  • Standard On-Board Security Team consists from 7 armed guards (Nigerian NAVY personnel) and 1 Maritime Security Liaison Officer (MSLO).
  • Mobilization and deployment time starting from the moment of placing the order with us is 96 hours.
  • Area of operations includes all Nigerian ports and territorial Nigerian waters.
  • We can service you also in all Nigerian ports between Lagos and Calabar.

We can also deploy Nigerian Maritime Police (MARPOL) personnel for operations within territorial and inland waters (measured from the inward limits of the coastal waterways to the fairway buoy), ports and harbors. Upon the requests we can also provide an embarked own Bridge Advisor to oversee the security of the vessel and liaise with the local security forces, either embarked or in escort.

Security Escort Vessels services

We are operating own fleet of Ballistic and Non-Ballistic Security Escort Vessels, supporting our clients security requirements off the coast of Nigeria and in Nigerian waters.

Security Escort Vessel services can be provided at the range of up to 250 NM from Nigeria with further escort of clients vessels from secure zones in international waters to loading terminals in Nigeria or to Nigerian ports and then back to secure zone in international waters.

Main features and details of our Security Escort Vessel services are as follows:

  • Mobilization and deployment time starting from the moment of placing the order with us is max 24 hours.
  • Each Security Escort Vessel carries at least 7 armed guards, consisting of Nigerian NAVY personnel.
  • Each Security Escort Vessel has on-board one Maritime Security Liaison Officer for coordination and communication.
  • Each Security Escort Vessel is equipped with all necessary communication devices, which allows non-stop 24/7 communication and accurate coordination with clients vessel and vessel owners / operators.
  • Our Security Escort Vessels are capable of escorting clients vessels at the speed of between 10 to 20 knots and more as per clients requirements.
  • Our Security Escort Vessels services can be provided at a range of 250 NM from Nigerian coast and within the Nigerian EEZ.

We can provide you with Security Escort Vessel services to all Nigerian ports between Lagos and Calabar and to/at the following terminals:

  • Agbami Terminal
  • Tulja Terminal
  • Bonga Terminal
  • Egina Terminal
  • Qua Iboe Terminal
  • Forcados Terminal
  • Escravos Terminal
  • Brass Terminal
  • Odudu Terminal
  • Usan Terminal
  • ...and other Terminals

Please, feel free to contact us for additional information at all times.

Prices and Rates

We believe, our prices are best at the market, at least, the feedbacks of clients are stating, that we offer significantly better prices, terms and conditions, than our competitors.

The daily rate, which we offer in each particular case, includes all our cost - NAVY Guards, one unarmed MSLO, escort vessel daily rate, NPA clearance, bunker, fresh water, meals and accommodation of guards, MSLO and crew and VAT. There are no hidden charges or unexpected additional cost.

We try to be as much as possible flexible and co-operative with our clients in all matters in regard of Terms and Conditions of payment. Please, talk to us and we shall always find the solution, which would be most comfortable for all parties.

Local Legislation

Rokada Security Services LLC operates within the following legislative environment:

  • UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Article 105);
  • UN Security Council Resolution No. 1816;
  • UN Security Council Resolution No. 1838;
  • UN Charter (Article 51);
  • Code of Conduct for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement;

While operating in the waters of Gulf of Guinea same as everywhere else, Rokada Security Services LLC acts in close co-operation and steady contact with the local state authorities and law-enforcement agencies of West African countries, and operates in accordance with requirements of local and international legislations.

We are also acting in daily contact and co-operation with the following international organizations:

  • European Union Naval Force
  • MSCHOA - Maritime Security Centre - Horn of Africa
  • ICC Commercial Crime Services IMB Piracy Reporting Centre
  • NATO Shipping Centre

We are looking forward for your inquiries, please, see the next pages of our Web Site for more information about us and about our services. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more additional information.